EAS Congress 2009 Photo Contest

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PEMSEA and HP Philippines present the EAS Congress Regional Photo Contest with the theme, "The Coast, The Ocean, My Community."

Contest entries should demonstrate local actions/implementation and good practices in sustainable coastal and ocean protection, development and management. Entries can show local and national initiatives that address natural and man-made hazard prevention and management; habitat protection, restoration and management; water use and supply management; food security and livelihood management and pollution reduction and waste management.

The contest is open to nationals of the East Asian region, and is divided into three (3) categories:

  • Youth category - for amateur practitioners who are college students or young professionals, between 18 and 25 years of age.
  • Hobbyist/Amateur category - for amateur practitioners, beyond 25 years of age, who pursue photography outside of his/her regular occupation, engaged primarily for personal fulfillment.
  • Professional category - professional practitioners who derive income from the sale of photographs and/or provision of photographic services.

Click here to download the complete contest mechanics.

The above information are taken from the Pemsea website. This blog claims no ownership of any images or text above this line.
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Heaven is...

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Good typography...
Excellent photography...
Three revisions at most...
A client who knows what he wants...
Concise design brief...
Learning in the process...
Unlimited budget
Enthusiasm to actually do the job
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GPM #4

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Filipino illustrators sharing their visual style, process, and how they made it in the art scene. Featuring works of Isabel “Pepper” Roxas, Sergio Bumatay, Armand Serrano, May Ann Licudine, Chris de Joya and Gerry Alanguilan. Speaker Fruits, a Filipino collective society in the US gives their views on Philippine contemporary art. We also had a blast with the launch of “Ugnay,” Gene De Loyola’s solo exhibition at the Alab Artspace.

This month's GPM grips me in so many ways. It made me remember the past, recognize the present and look to the future of my own path as an illustrator. Well, I'm not exactly an "illustrator," rather I just get to stretch my legs on these waters much more now than ever before. I had to do some serious re-thinking after reading this issue. Precisely the reason why this post is soooo late...

I never thought I'd see Mang Gerry in the pages of GPM. Being a fan of comicbooks as a youth, my early influences we're Sir Gerry Alanguilan himself and those whom he worked with. I remember screaming like a girl when I saw the initial artworks for STONE where Sir Gerry worked with Sir Whilce Portacio. I also remember flipping through the pages of WASTED and feeling Eric's pain (that book saved me.) Also in this issue are Children's books illustrator Pepper Roxas, and Sergio Bumatay, 2008 Philippine Board of Books for Young People (PBBY)-Alcala Silver Prize winner for his artwork on Naku, naku, nakuuu! by Nanoy Rafael. Both illustrators are already familiar since I come across children's books quite a lot in my "day job" as layout artist for Baby Magazine. I also found the feature on Armand Serrano and May Ann Licudine so inspiring they we're actually the ones who made me remember why I loved drawing in the first place.

Download it here

Graphikapinoy is a free downloadable pdf magazine in support of the Filipino creatives. A convergence of best talents from all aspects of the design industry whose works shall be showcased in every issue.
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