BabyMag online? YES!

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A lot of Babymag readers have been waiting for this for quite awhile. Baby Magazine has gone online with and as usual, Baby Magazine takes things a step further with full articles from our distinguished panel of expert columnists and a community of parents, to trade parenting tips with. See ya'll there!
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Printing in the 40's

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A little history lesson for us. This is an educational video of printing occupations, opportunities and technologies before electronics and computers. It pays to know something about how things were printed more than half a century ago.

Holmes (Burton) Films, Inc.
Sponsor: Vocational Guidance Films, Inc.
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I found myself tinkering with an unfinished layout for 3 hours. Whatever I do seems ineffective and unable to "pass as moderately satisfactory" even for my lowest quality standards. I feel that there was a switch in my head I accidentally switched off and now I don't know where it is. I pulled myself away from work and took a 15-minute nap before heading out to have lunch. When I got back, I finished the infernal page in half an hour. I found my switch! Sleep! [or was it food, nah] I have not been getting enough sleep lately and it's frustrating. I have been through a lot of all-nighters but I have never felt so much like a mindless zombie before. All those sleepless night are catching up to me and setting my brain on emergency shut down. Did you know that Paul McCartney discovered the tune for "Yesterday" in a dream? I didn't. Not until I googled "sleep-and-creativity". For someone who is already hard-wired into turning in late, a few good tips for a smooth trip to dreamland is close to priceless. I am doing better now thanks to these tips. Here are some of the things I've learned and tried so far:

Took a bath with lavender scented soft soap - relieves stress.
Given up coffee beyond 5pm
Play music -
Try using music with no words you can understand [another language perhaps]. Reggae does it for me since I really can't understand the accent. Chillout electronic music is best but watch out when you start having psychedelic dreams.

Try to develop a habit of having enough sleep. Be warned young designer. You may be squeezing yourself dry with all those all-nighters. Remember the lesson of the
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