New Work: Yellow Boots

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The rainy seasons are here. Just a few days ago we had our 6th tropical storm of the year. You know what that means... Flash floods making instant rivers out of our streets and bring with them diseases that, at the least, causes weird rashes or, worse, death. No splashing around for our smart kid right here.

A modified version of this illustration was published on the June issue of Baby Magazine for the article, "These boots are made for wading: All about Leptospirosis."
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Playfully serious... June

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The June issue of Baby has been out for a few weeks now. I've been a lot busy this month I totally passed up posting for a couple of weeks. Anyway, this months Baby takes a look back on the games we [parents] used to play as kids and also exposes TeeVee's effect on babies' language development--Made me rethink my kids TV/DVD viewing schedules. Did you know you can actually UNspoil a spoiled kid? How do you shoot great family portraits? What's leptospirosis? So much more packed into this months Baby so get yours if you haven't got 'em yet. The July issue is just around the corner.

Baby Magazine, the Philippines' first parenting mag is now in it's 13th year of service to Filipino parents. For subscription inquiries, you may contact Baby Magazine through the following:
T (+632)728.36.55
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Paul Rand 1991 Interview

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Miggs b's 1991 interview with THE Paul Rand posted on youtube

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