Attention readers

Posted On 6:49 PM by nerdluck | 3 points of view

This blog is now undergoing a slow identity resolution. For years now this blog has featured anything and everything I involve myself in. Resulting in a fine mess of topics that is as unfocused as an 11-year-old kid with a school book... If you didn't get that, don't bother. The point is, I have started a process splitting this schizophrenic blog into it's separate identities. The first of which to manifest itself is the babymag identity. This blog will no longer feature babymag updates and related entries. Those who come here for their babymag fix is advised to direct their browsers to my new babymag blog here. This way, you can explore the pages better and find content that actually matter to you.

The other faces of this blog will also show up soon. It may take a while but for sure it will turn up.
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