Four Eyes

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I woke up yesterday with a splitting headache... not again... It's one of those days when I can't even get anything done. I decided to stay home. I though I might be in denial that my chronic headaches could somehow be a sign of bad vision. I decided to get my orbs checked. Glasses are no stranger to me. I had a pair prescribed to me when I was in 6th grade that I wore until my freshman year in high school (imagine the emotional torment I had to endure as school bullies call me "nerdoid," I was scarred permanently.) What I hated most was the responsibility to keep them in good shape. I thought to myself, "I may have to go through that ordeal again, great..."

Earlier today, I became a (not so) proud owner of prescription glasses that I still don't know how to take care of... The optometrist forgot to fill me in on where to get those lens cleaners and stuff. My headaches gone though...
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The Bell that doesn't Ring.

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It was nothing more than an ornament at home.
This old telephone who sits on a corner.
Yet, I am almost always drawn to it.
Particularly, the mystery of the number on its face.
Whose home did this telephone used to serve?
What kind of people were they?
I always believed that we leave a part of ourselves
on the people we encounter and hold dear.
Could we have the same effect on the things we possessed?

If so, am I mystified by the soul that lent a part of itself to this old telephone,
or am I leaving a part of myself instead...
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Keeping to the family budget

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This illustration was used as main visual for an article of the same name in the Family Finance column of the September 2007 issue of Baby Magazine. As usual, an editable copy of this artwork is available for FREE... BUT! only if you are subscribed via email, that is, and remember to ask nicely.
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The Boys in (Sky) Blue...

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It started raining again and I just remembered something that I wanted to blog about when I was too busy to even read some of my favorite blogs. It was about a month ago when typhoons Dodong and Chedeng wreaked havoc on our city streets. Because I was living just a couple of city blocks away, I got to the office just before my walking route became submerged and rendered impassasble for small vehicles and foot traffic (unless you don't mind some weird skin allergies). I had to stay at the office until after 7PM to let the flood water subside so I can safely walk back home (without said allergies). I was cursing at the ever reliable (sarcasm alert in case it wasn't obvious) people at our government offices and their efficient response to emergency situations. I mean "Haven't we seen enough of these flash floods every year for us to be so ill prepared? It's already August for f***'s sake. We should have been ready since June." (pardon the swearing if you are reading this via feed, I forgot kids might be reading this... edited for propriety)

Anyway, as I was crossing Buendia Ave., I saw the man I should be screaming my filth on, the MMDA Chairman himself, Bayani Fernando with his trousers soaked in flood water, instructing his boys on what appears to be an excavation work to remedy the watery situation. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera on me to take a snap shot of the scene so I went back the next day to see how they were doing. I could have snapped more if they didn't start coming towards me and asked me where those photos are going to end up on. I could just grin idiotically and say that its purpose was personal. A month since and still no flood water on my intersection. I guess it is better late than never for these guys. Thanks Mr. BF for doing your job right. I'm sorry for the obscenities I uttered in solitude. At least you didn't have to paint my turf pink.
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Here's one tool I've been using for a while that needs special mentioning. When I first heard about, I thought it was a godsend. It was what I have been praying for since I first met the internet. Believe it or not, I used to type all my bookmarks in a text file that I save in an email I send to myself so I can access them anywhere. Something I find funny now that is around. As if having your bookmarks available to you from anywhere is not enough, introduces "social bookmarking" (I will not define what this means 'coz thats what wikipedia is for) making related information much more easier to access with more peers to share bookmarks with. Although far from being a "designers resource" I usually take advantage of the social bookmarking feature to stalk.. err... I mean follow up and research on graphic design trends or some other news bits that I can learn new things from. Now if there was something like this designed specially for creatives... share please...
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Missed me?

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I know I missed this... Anyway, It has been a very busy month for me. So much that I have missed many opportune events and stories to blog about. But that is behind me now... I am back and revving up the keyboards to start writing about the things I "see."

For a little Baby update:

September is almost done so get your copy of Baby Magazine before the new one hits the stands on October. I must say that I love each new issue better than the last one because we try to improve the magazine (both content and visual) as much as we can.

As usual, this issue is packed with the stuff parents (as well as anyone who deals with little kids) need to be better at being parents. This months special, though, is about getting ready for your first kid. What are the hospital bag essentials? How do you know you are going into labor? Are you financially ready for your first bundle of joy? What is waterbirth? and is it really better than regular birthing method? These and a lot more questions are addressed in this issue. The girl on the cover is Gianna Fernandez, photo by RealKids.

The October issue, on the other hand, has already gone to press as of this writing. As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, this is the 11th anniversary issue of the country's first parenting magazine so watch out for some surprises in this ish.

Wow! It feels good to be back.
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