Photo Summit 2008

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Sometimes I get an ad material I'd have to set in a page in a magazine I work on and then I find out the ad doesn't have bleed on them. Many times I receive materials in this state despite efforts to enlighten the guy who makes them and I am tempted many times to write (and hopefully, do something) about it. I am weak against temptation so here it is. Yes, I made this post for you! you'll know who you are if ever you stumble on this blog somehow. If you don't, then at least I have helped someone else learn about bleeding and prevent some other guys from bleeding their brains off. I'd be happy either way.

Well now... Bleeding, as the name implies, is about making the artwork spill out of it's container. The container being your page's physical size, your artworks colors or images that are (supposedly) touching the page's edges should be made to EXCEED the page's trim edges. The reason for this is simple: This is to prevent having unprinted "white" areas from creeping into your page should the cutting misses it's mark. Remember, magazines, books and other publications are chopped cut as a whole-making it impossible to be sure that every page is cut accurately. If you would look at the corners of the image, (click to enlarge) the inner cropmarks show the page's trims and beyond it... you guessed it, BLEED AREA!

A bleed is usually 3mm or 0.125" on each side of your page making your letter size document 8.75" x 11.25 instead of 8.5" x 11". capisca? entienda? verstehen Sie?

Note: I am not the arrogant, egotistical, presumptuous, overbearingly assuming fellow that this post makes me to be. It's just that I believe that one should learn at least the basic rules of print design before being let loose in the industry. This is the reason Graphic Designers get no respect in this country. There is no bar to keep the standards up and there's no stopping anybody who can use photoshop effects from advertising himself as a Graphic Designer. That just grinds my gears.
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"Rehearsals start at five. Be there, no excuses. We only have a week for this." Ruthie's message was clearly posted on the classroom board. Damn.. I wish I didn't have to do this but I'll fail freshman English if I don't. Why should "participation" form a big part of our grading system. I can't imagine myself acting in front of an audience... let alone in front of my schoolmates. Worse yet, I'm playing a secondary role with much speaking lines. My guts are all in knots and I feel sick... I have a feeling this will not be a good memory...

Although I'm not at all thrilled about this, I know that I have to do my best not to mess this up. My rep needs a lot of boosting already. I had all my lines memorized and I'm all psyched up to play a convincing antagonist. I'm gonna blow 'em all away.

8:00 pm. Ruthie's eyes are red and I can understand why. Any saint tasked with helping me learn to "act" would die of frustration. Ruthie is no saint. Soon, I find myself in the receiving end of a vicious tongue-lashing from our diminutive class leader. I can't help it. Even in this small group, raising my voice to barely audible is a herculean task. I am too conscious of every set of eyes and ears in the room. I have awkward movements that make walking seem like a strange dance. I blew them away alright... laughing. I made a fool of myself today... again... I fear for the fate of Ruthie's play...
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GPM #2

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This months Graphikapinoy
  • Robert Alejandro
  • Electrolychee
  • Avid Liongoren
  • Heavyhitterz:Manila
Download it here

Graphikapinoy is a free downloadable pdf magazine in support of the Filipino creatives. A convergence of best talents from all aspects of the design industry whose works shall be showcased in every issue.
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Pecha Kucha Manila

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Pecha Kucha Night!!! What on earth is Pecha Kucha Night?! I found myself asking this question when I saw an email from behance network alerting me (and all those in Dan Matutina's creative circle) of a new entry in Dan's übercool portfolio. Well, it turned out I've been living under a rock all this time to have not heard about this innovation in multi-media presentation.

According to the Pecha Kucha Manila site:
Pecha Kucha Night, devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture), was conceived in 2003 as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.

But as we all know, give a mike to a designer (especially an architect) and you’ll be trapped for hours. The key to Pecha Kucha Night is its patented system for avoiding this fate. Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each – giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show.

Pecha Kucha (which is Japanese for the sound of conversation) has tapped into a demand for a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown, without having to rent a gallery or chat up a magazine editor. This is a demand that seems to be global – as Pecha Kucha Night, without any pushing, has spread virally to over 100 cities across the world. Find a location and join the conversation.

The presenters for the First PKN-Manila includes

GRAFIK SALAD is an all-Filipino design team based in Cebu. They are involved in graphic design, illustration, fashion, art direction, and advertising work showcasing local art and culture.

is a group of artists expressing their passions through grafitti art. They have been colouring not only the streets of Metro Manila but also all over the Philippines, and other parts of the globe.

JIN JOSON is a Fine Arts major at the University of the Philippines. She is an avid anime/manga fan, and cosplayer.

is an illustrator, graphic designer, motion graphics artist and animator with a distinct style. He is noted for the tattooed portraits from his joint exhibit “Skins and Needles.”

is a sculptor with an affinity towards grotesque forms. His recent works include the Psychopompous! and Anarchophobia exhibits.

LEO ABAYA is a painter, and production designer for film and theater. He has exhibited work for award-winning films such as Rizal, Muro-ami, and Kubrador, wherein he expresses how in his art “design and painting inform each other.”

Brewed in Manila, Philippines 2002. A design studio concocted by digital baristas and authentic coffee junkies Jois Tai (she takes it w/ milk) and Rex Advincula (he takes it w/ sugar).

VISUAL POND Artspace, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to the visual arts. Based in Manila, Visual Pond aims to be a dynamic player in the Philippine contemporary art scene through projects that engage and promote local artists both here and abroad.

NICKY SERING is a commercial and travel photographer. He is currently working on a personal project documenting the lives of boxers who have struggled to find glory.

JONI CAPARAS is currently the head of art at BBDO-Guerrero-Ortega. Over the past year, her work has been recognized at The One Show, Cannes Lions and D&AD.

RAYMOND RED is a noted filmmaker. He is the first Filipino to have won the Palme D’Or award at the Cannes Film festival 2000 for his short film Anino. For Pecha Kucha Night, he’ll share more about his other passion: collecting old toys.

KAIE ENCANTO is an art director for Ace Saatchi & Saatchi. She which won Second Prize in the Poster Category of Adobo Magazine for her work “Tabi Tabi Po: Eto na Ang Aming Mundo”. She is also part of The Cheshire Cat, a team of local young designers specializing on graphic design.

DOMINIQUE MARIE TIU is a 19-year-old undergraduate student at the Ateneo de Manila University and founder of Mann for Every Woman, an online-based clothing retail business that will be launched this June.

of Green Papaya Art Projects, is a contemporary dancer and choreographer who is a member of Dance Forum Myra Beltran. She was last year’s recipient of the Jury Prize in Solo, Duo and Group Division of Yokohama Dance Collection, and the recipient of Rimbun Dahan Choreographer’s Residency in Malaysia.

is a writer who prides himself in also “judging books by their covers.” His website Read Now features blogs about his “adventures” in the writing world, as a literary enthusiast and a book critic.

Pecha Kucha Night Manila is on this Friday, 13June 2008, 8:30PM to 11:00PM at MAG:NET Café 2/F B3, Bonifacio High Street. Pecha Kucha Night Manila is brought to us by Idea!s Creatives.

For more information. Drop by at

Many thanks to Mon for posting a heads up over at his blog at Hazy Reality. I wouldn't miss this for anything. I just wish tickets are still available when I get to the venue.

Finally... I see an end to the bane of "Death by Powerpoint"

The image above and all information regarding the event was taken from the Pecha Kucha Manila website. This blog claims no ownership and is not connected to the organizers of PKN Manila aside from sublime admiration.
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The Nikon Photo Contest International has been held by Nikon Corporation since 1969 to provide an opportunity for photographers around the world to communicate and to enrich photographic culture for professionals and amateurs alike.

"At the heart of the image" is not only the brand statement of Nikon Imaging Company, but it is also the theme for the 32nd contest, in which entries are invited in two categories. The first category is free subject and the second is entitled "My Planet," and entries to each category are accepted as prints sent by conventional mail or as JPEG images sent via the Internet. With this theme and these categories, we look forward to receiving expressive images from around the world that are true to people's emotions.

The Nikon Photo Contest International aims to create an occasion for photographers around the world to communicate and exchange their photographic vision, irrespective of professional or amateur status. It is our hope that this event will further enrich and broaden global photographic culture.

The above information are taken from the Nikon website. This blog claims no ownership of any images or text above this line.

For more information, visit the official Nikon Photo Contest International microsite and read about the contest details.
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This June in Baby Magazine

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Sometimes, I am still awe struck with how much technology has changed our lives over the last 20 years. At the same time, I feel worried that my children would not experience the same kind of fun games I used to play as a child. These days, you hardly see children play outdoors. The younger ones play with their animated "friends" in the small screen while the older kids play with their cyber "friends" in virtual landscapes. It seems that this is where it is all heading and there's no escaping it, ...or is there? In this month's Babymag, meet parents who "took control" of technology by taking it by the horns and beating it to submission. No, really! Setting the rules and sticking to them is really the only way to tame this unwieldy beast.

Because June is also the month when Father's day comes along. Babymag features a cheatsheet for fathers facing their greatest challenge ever: Mastering the science and art of changing nappies. An illustrated step by step guide to a fathers rite of passage. Flip the pages to Fatherspeak, a monthly column that breaks down every issue that comes with fatherhood and highlights the joy of being "there" for your kids. This month, Manny Escasa of EduChild writes about what sports can do for your children. Read about a very special dad who's getting back on his feet after the loss his wife in a tragedy. Also, fatherhood is all about responsibility and Family Planning is a responsibility for BOTH husband and wife. So be responsible, read and learn about the Billings Ovulation method. There is so much more for dad in this issue. Hey! whoever said Babymag is a women's magazine?

The strapping young "pirate" on the cover is Boston Ryan Phillips through the lenses of George Cabig. Many thanks to Spin for the denim jumper.

Baby Magazine, the Philippines' first parenting mag is now in it's 12th year of service to Filipino parents. For subscription inquiries, you may contact Baby Magazine through the following:

Phone: (+63 2) 728.36.55
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