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Sometimes, I am still awe struck with how much technology has changed our lives over the last 20 years. At the same time, I feel worried that my children would not experience the same kind of fun games I used to play as a child. These days, you hardly see children play outdoors. The younger ones play with their animated "friends" in the small screen while the older kids play with their cyber "friends" in virtual landscapes. It seems that this is where it is all heading and there's no escaping it, ...or is there? In this month's Babymag, meet parents who "took control" of technology by taking it by the horns and beating it to submission. No, really! Setting the rules and sticking to them is really the only way to tame this unwieldy beast.

Because June is also the month when Father's day comes along. Babymag features a cheatsheet for fathers facing their greatest challenge ever: Mastering the science and art of changing nappies. An illustrated step by step guide to a fathers rite of passage. Flip the pages to Fatherspeak, a monthly column that breaks down every issue that comes with fatherhood and highlights the joy of being "there" for your kids. This month, Manny Escasa of EduChild writes about what sports can do for your children. Read about a very special dad who's getting back on his feet after the loss his wife in a tragedy. Also, fatherhood is all about responsibility and Family Planning is a responsibility for BOTH husband and wife. So be responsible, read and learn about the Billings Ovulation method. There is so much more for dad in this issue. Hey! whoever said Babymag is a women's magazine?

The strapping young "pirate" on the cover is Boston Ryan Phillips through the lenses of George Cabig. Many thanks to Spin for the denim jumper.

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