Cutest sleepy head

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  1. mirage2g'> 6:11 AM

    Lol! I got the best entry for this! Thank you!


  2. mirage2g'> 11:48 AM

    Hi again, questions from mommies regarding the theme:

    1. kailangan ba latest picture taken within 6months o kahit old pictures?

    2. sleepy head ibig sabihin tulog?

    3. pag baby mag po ba dapat hanggang 1 year old lang?

    Thanks in advance for answers...


  3. nerdluck'> 4:04 PM

    Hi! Thanks for dropping by.

    About the questions:

    1. Fairly recent photos will do just fine. Maybe something taken within at least the last 12 months.

    2. Yes. Sleeping or really really sleepy. They say babies are cutest in the buff but I think a cute bunny pajama (or anything of equally cute qualities) will make the editors squeal in delight.

    3. Not necessarily. But preferably children under 4. Only cover applications are restricted to babies 1 year old and below.

    Get those cameras snapping, Moms


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