They say time slows down when you know you are about to die... It is so that the scenes that matter can pass before your eyes and you can see how you have lived your life. Probably to give you a chance to be happy about it somehow.

Well, I didn't die. Not in the real sense of the word.

I always hated Karl's guts. For a boy of small stature he thinks highly of himself. He walks around with a swagger that seem to say he's better than everyone else. Or maybe just me and a bunch of others like me. He snapped at me on the fist day of our sophomore year in High School 'coz I was tapping my pencil too loud. He was the heckler, a year before, who got the class in a laughing fit on a school play at my expense. The year before that, he got the other guys to roll me up in a gym mattress and piled up on top of me. I had a growth spurt during last summer and I noticed he was now just about the height of my shoulder. . I thought to myself, I could probably take this guy if I had to. Then it happened...

Ironically, we were paired up in a science project where we had to slice up a frog. Our frog got messed up and for some reason, it became all my fault. I told him to shove it and before I know it, our "date" is set. 4:00 behind the east wing. At last, I have the chance to put this mouse in his place. At 4:15, I found myself sitting against the wall of the gymnasium behind the east wing with a bloody nose, torn shirt and a broken spirit. I just lost a school yard brawl against a shrimp.
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