This Arachnid is not "Dichromatic"

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That means colorblind for the rest of us. And my monitor won't be too since I got myself this baby.

I had been pining for one of these ever since I saw it in action at the Power Mac center's seminar on Color Management for Photographers
(read here). Although what I saw in that seminar was this guys younger (read: sleeker, newer, more expensive) brother, I am nonetheless happy with my new pet.

Now, why do I need this? Well, I work with a lot of images for the magazines I work on and I have to make sure that what I see in my screen is, at least, in close color proximity to what it will look like on paper. That is called monitor calibration. The Spyder also comes in handy whenever I have some digital photos that I want to get printed. Imagine the disappointment I get whenever I edit some pictures and have them digitally printed only to have our faces printed a little too yellow... It was THAT bad.

The Spyder Pro is the leading monitor calibration tool. It is named like so because it looks like a spider hanging in front of the monitor. Cute...

Thanks to Aries for selling me this wonderful thing. It was great doing business with you. Now, how much are you charging for that PrintFi-
Whoops! My spider sense is tingling... time for another calibration. I'm reading: This Arachnid is not "Dichromatic"Tweet this!
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