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Being a self-taught designer has one major disadvantage. It is that gnawing, churning feeling in your gut that makes you wonder if you're doing anything right at all. That ever present wondering was the primary reason I elected to put myself through PCCI 's (the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging) two-day training workshop on Publications Design. The other reason being that no great designer is born by parthenogenesis, I wanted to have someone I can refer to as my sensei and gain the confidence of having learned from one. I spent the last 2 days with eye-opening lessons, mind-rocking design decisions on our exercises and heart-pounding critiquing session. At the end of it all, I slept like a log in a storm. Spent. Satisfied. Yet hungry for more. You run a meaty workshop, Sensei...

These happy shiny people were the ones I walked along the path with. From far left is Tina, Jazz, Sir Ige, JL and yours truly. Photo by PCCI's own Sir Jun Miranda. (Pardon my crappy scanning, i will upload a better one soon)

Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI), the country's premier digital arts training center, is operated by industry-recognized practitioners of leading applications in print, web and multimedia. We offer world-class training in Adobe, Apple and Corel products.

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