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Graphikapinoy's maiden issue went out into the cloud yesterday and I downloaded it as soon as I got the SMS from Mon (the brains behind GPM) announcing the fact. I was already excited about this release weeks ago when I learned that it will feature Inksurge, Dan Matutina, and Camille del Rosario. All of whom are so brilliantly talented and inspiring to say the least. I, personally, have been a fan of these guys for quite sometime now. Getting an insight on how the gears in their heads work is a real treat for me.

Kudos Graphikapinoy for helping raise awareness for the flourishing Filipino design scene. Can't wait for the next release.

Graphikapinoy is a free downloadable pdf magazine in support of the Filipino creatives. A convergence of best talents from all aspects of the design industry whose works shall be showcased in every issue.
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