Calling all photography hobbyists! A FASHION SHOOT On the Spot Photo Contest sponsored by the Federation of Philippine Photographer's Foundation (FPPF) and YKL Color Lab through Photoworld Asia 2009 is happening this weekend at the Glorietta Center. Details as follows:

  • Fashion shoot happens on January 30 (Friday) & Feb. 1 (Sunday) 2009 from 6:00 pm to 8:00pm. at the Makati Mall Area.
  • Register at Photoworld Asia Secretariat located at the Activity Center
  • Registration fee is PhP150/day which entitles the participant to three (3) 5R (5" x 7") FREE color prints and one (1) registration envelop only from the YKL booth
  • Deadline of submission of prints is on Feb. 2, 2009 (Monday) 1pm at the Glorietta Secretariat
  • maximum of (3) entries per day, per participant.
  • Inkjet printouts not allowed. (Get a color lab for pete's sake... Give your photos some respect) Print without borders. Submit prints with the following data attached at the back of each entry:
  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Contact number/s
  4. Date
  5. Camera Club
  6. I agree to comply with all rules of the contest. Signature________________
  • Prizes at stake
    1st place - PhP 10,000.00
    2nd Place-PhP 7,000.00
    3rd place- PhP 5,000.00
    4th to 10th place PhP 1,000.00 each
  • The Top 10 entries will be chosen and will be notified by photo contest committee, via phone immediately after judging which shall be done starting on Feb. 2, 2009 Monday 2:00 pm in a place in AIM conference center. These finalists will be asked to be present at the awarding of prizes on Feb. 3, 2009 Tuesday 6:30 pm.
  • As in any Photo contest: only normal darkroom techniques such as dodging, burning in and cropping are allowed. Any creative effects must be done in-camera at the time of exposure, such as multiple exposure, flash fill, light painting, filtration, etc.
  • All the prints will be donated to the models

For more information, log on to or
Contact Tristan Yap cell 0917 807 77 61 email
FPPF email
Tells 5247576 or 5280371
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"This is good stuff, I can't believe you didn't want the band to work on this before." Drew is clearly excited about the words we will be working on for our next song. The first one we wrote was a relative success over at "The Pit" during the 100th independence day gig and this would be the perfect follow-up. I would have been really proud if not for the fact that no one, save for the band, knew I wrote much of the song. I am what you call a "ghost lyricist" for this college garage band.

Two hours ago I got a call from Luca. She called to say she was quitting the group after she caught Drew cheating on her again. I threw out the one I wrote for Luca and dug out my old notebook. I hope this one gets me the job. I'm betting everything on this song. This song... It's been awhile since I wrote this. It's much too personal to just give away.

"So guys, I guess the band has an opening..." I sheepishly said. I don't know which was funnier, the look on the guys faces (the kind of face you make when you smell something putrid) or the fact that I was naive enough to think they'd let me in the band... That day, Drew took over vocal duties for Bloodshot...

...and I hate my life.
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