MKF Tiler at

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I woke up to great news today. As of today, my first font, MKF Tiler is now available for download at I guess just took a while to approve the typeface and in fact didn't reject it at all. Please download it there instead of mediafire.

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It' so shiny

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"It's so shiny" was used as main visual for the article "When kids do the darnedest things" by Regina Khan in the October 2008 issue of Baby Magazine. Kids are naturally curious about many different things and are usually vocal about their observations. It's inevitable that they may unwittingly embarrass their parents with their innocent comments about another persons hair (or lack of), or girth or whatever it is that our "grown up sensibilities" allow us to keep mum about. What do you do if your toddler decides to "tests" her new "chompers" on the neighbor's kids? Find your way out of these embarrassing situations on this month's Baby.
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I can fly

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Exercise on motion freeze... need more practice on getting the right focal distance, though. Major thanks to James (James, right?) for that mad ollie.

But the real purpose of today's post is to talk about shooting complete strangers. For me, it's a non-debate whether I should randomly shoot anyone in public and publish their photo. Other photographers may argue otherwise but that is not an option for me. Now, the problem was I had some reservations about approaching other people because I have very poor first impression ratings. My wifey said I have this "aura" that makes me seem "disagreeable" and "unpleasant" at first. I cannot say I disagree about this assessment. What I do now is I "acclimatize" the subject to my presence and keep the camera in their view to let them get used to the camera being there. For this purpose, try walking around the area without shooting. I also try to engage the subject in some small talk but sometimes it gets awkward when you can't find a common ground to talk about or sometimes it goes on and on and on... but that is for another post entirely.

What do you do to make your subject (complete stranger) comfortable about letting you shoot them?
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MKF Raimund preview

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A sneak peek at the new display typeface I'm currently developing called MKF Raimund which will also be the typeface for my logo. I'm giving myself 6 months to finish all the glyphs... why so long? Because I'm currently spread too thin among everything I'm into these days. That leaves me about 5-1/2 more months to go.
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GPM #5

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Great way to start the day. GPM #5 is out and this time 3D is in. This issue showcases different Filipino Vertice benders. Featuring the works of Dave Yu, Adrian Tecson, Arnel Telesforo. Head on over to Graphikapinoy to download now.

Graphikapinoy is a free downloadable pdf magazine in support of the Filipino creatives. A convergence of best talents from all aspects of the design industry whose works shall be showcased in every issue.
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