Color Management Seminar

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At the moment I am typing this, I had barely warmed my seat. I am literally fresh out of Power Mac Center's FREE Seminar on Color Management for Photographers... There was only about 10 of us who came to listen to Digital Photographer Philippines' Nino Carandang as he illustrates the finer points of being Obsessive Compulsive about monitor and printer calibration. I learned a lot, especially on loving my photos more. I only wish there were more of us participants so we could have put more questions to light.

One of the many points he raised that struck me on a personal level is remembering that photography doesn't end in getting the photo posted online. A photographs journey is ultimately realized on the print level. Sad to say, I am guilty of such sin. I have denied my photos the right to getting printed. I believe it stems out from the fear that It will not be printed the way I wanted it to.. or maybe the realization that I may not have what it takes. But I refuse to let that fear cripple me. I will get better... I will bring my photos into printed glory... Time to save up for that Printfix Pro and Spyder Pro...

Special thanks to Pinoy Mac Lovers for posting the seminar schedule in time for me to make some magic with my schedule. I am sure glad I stumbled on your blog.
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