It has been a while

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I love walking in the rain. I love a steady downpour, not just a drizzle. If it weren't for the expensive camera I was toting along, I would have jumped right in. I wouldn't mind getting my feet wet... or my hair getting messed up. This is one of the moments I was so happy inside that it radiates to my face. When I was a kid in the old hometown, My siblings and I would always find an excuse to play in the rain. All the neighbor's kids were there too, running after our little rubber slipper boats. Walking in the rain reminds me of how carefree life was as a child. I missed this feeling. Come to think of it, It is quite late for rain like this. Considering that it is already july. In our part of the world, the wet season starts in june after an intense summer heat. Rain is the earth's blessing on its parched residents.

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