At wits end

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"Just when I thought things can't get any worse..." I found myself repeating this phrase innumerable times that day when the above photo was taken. That was the day I was supposed to take my drivers license card from our very customer friendly people of LTO Pasay.

The day started like any other day except that I had this nagging feeling that this is not a good day for me. A week before, I applied for a drivers license but I wasn't able to get the plastic card because their computers we're offline and couldn't process my records. This is the day I came back for my card. I went to the records window and gave the lady the receipt of last weeks application and asked me to wait by window 2... It was either that or she asked me to wait 2 hours... 'coz that is about the time I waited by that window before I asked the lady why all the other people I came in with 2 hours ago had already had their photo taken for their card. I found out my form was missing...What the Hell!? You can imagine my frustration. It was already after lunch break that they found out that my papers weren't missing but were in fact found at the hands of an evaluator who neglected to inform anybody that there was a problem with my application. The LTO database showed another license application of mine from 1999 that expired in 2002. I had to go to the main office in Quezon City to pay the penalties and come back to Pasay to reconcile my records.They could have told me this before they went on lunch break. Off to QC I go... This is where the photo up there comes in. The cab I was riding turned right from Timog Avenue to EDSA when 2 buses (seemingly) racing against each other slammed on both side of the cab pushing us about 10 meters. I couldn't get off from either doors so I had to climb out of the car from the driver side door. IM IN A HURRY FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! I didn't even think that I could have died in that cab if I had my head against the window. I had to walk the rest of the way to the LTO main building and guess what... It began to rain. I love rain, but at a time like this... uhhhggg... I was ready to go ballistic that I sneered at the fixer who offered to "help" me transact faster and avoid all the bureaucracy inside. It took me another 2 hours inside the Licensing office before I got my turn at the licensing officer... I am literally at wits end. It was too late for me to go back to Pasay so I elected to go home. There was no cab in sight and since it is raining, I took the bus going to Makati... I felt miserable as I shivered in the air conditioned bus for the whole trip home. In 2 weeks I'll be going to the Pasay office again to put this exercise in stupidity to rest... If anything like this happen again... I'm going to give up driving for good.
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  1. sunnyday'> 5:52 PM

    Was this the Friday you were unable to go to work? Tsk tsk. LTO...the mere mention of it makes me shiver. All I know is that everytime I have to do some business there like license renewal etc., it is an exercise in the virtue of patience. =)

    Good thing the taxi didn't turn-turtle or anything like that.


  2. daniel palma tayona'> 12:30 PM

    who was it that said something like,"if things are going to go wrong, they are bound to go wrong."

    you have had one freaky friday. :-)



  3. cerm'> 7:15 PM

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  4. nerdluck'> 7:19 PM

    I mistakenly commented using my wife's account.... silly of me... I had to delete it.

    yes it was... I hate LTO

    It was freaky friday indeed... I hope I don't get a day like that in a long while. By the way, I like your artwork. Do you have them displayed somewhere?


  5. jun.anteola'> 10:26 PM

    Murphy's Law! bakit nga ba ganun? when you hope that things won't go wrong, they will go wrong... and worse than you might expect.

    i just hate having to deal with these indolent people... mostly sitting in civil service. whatever happened to "mamamayan muna bago mamaya na"?


  6. Senor Enrique'> 9:04 AM

    "When it rains, it pours" is another adage that may be applied to this exasperating experience of yours. Jeeez!


  7. bertN'> 11:18 AM

    If you did not lose your sanity or run amok after the ordeals you went through, you are a candidate for sainthood LOL.


  8. nerdluck'> 11:41 AM

    Oh, I would've lost it, really, if I didn't know that I am partly to blame for not knowing that I need only renew my old one instead of re-applying for another. Hard lesson learned


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