So Far, Too Good...

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The past few weeks had really been a blast. I didn't know I would enjoy blogging as much as I do right now. I have a list of things to blog about and I am nowhere near half of it. Only time constraints and intermittent connection (courtesy of my disappointing Broadband provider) prohibits me from blogging everyday. A roadblock that I may still consider, a blessing of sorts since in the first place, it was never my intention to post an entry everyday. I just get easily inspired whenever I see a new comment posted or when feedburner scores another reader. I get excited by the simplest of things, by the way.

Adam Hay of Rookie Designer said in one episode that one of the common distractions designers had to battle out with these days is the internet... More accurately, the urge to spend extended time in the cloud. Something that most bloggers (i think) are guilty of. I think the tendency for procrastination is aggravated when one is intentionally lost in the world of his or her favorite blog authors... which may or may not be another person entirely if you catch my drift.

Ten years ago, when the internet was young, My girlfriend (my wife now) would ask me how I can spend hours on end in front of a computer doing nothing but read... Waitaminit.. I think that was what she told me last week...
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  1. sunnyday'> 7:41 PM

    I know what you mean about spending hours online just to read other people's blogs. I'm glad, though, that those days are (or seem to be) over for me; though I still frequent other blogs, I've got more of a handle on it now. And though I have a zillion things that I'd like to blog about, I don't list them down so I tend to forget them hehe. And there simply is too much for me to do away from the computer.

    Thank God I don't have DSL connection at home. I think that's what keeps me from "getting addicted" to the blogosphere.


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