Death and Children

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Is the title too morbid? Well... we all have to cope with the loss of a loved one... even children. In the August '07 issue of Baby Magazine, find out how you can help your little ones accept the loss and learn how you can guide them in dealing with their loneliness.

The illustration above is featured as main visual for the article, "Goodbye for good?" for the August 07 issue of Baby Magazine. For a free editable vector copy of this piece, all you have to do is ask.
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  1. sunnyday'> 8:28 AM

    Hi! What is a "vector copy"?

    I really like this visual. Sort of like St. Exupery's "The Little Prince" -- appreciated by children, but a deeper look by more mature souls enables the discovery of more profound insights and realities.

    Has someone asked for a copy of the illustration yet? Put some suspense! Oblige after the 31st na lang (para din sabay sa magazine) =)

    The "fishy" photo is nice, too...


  2. nerdluck'> 12:08 PM


    A vector copy of an illustration is the raw, editable version of the illustration. People who usually ask for these are fellow illustrators who want to learn how to do the illustration by breaking it down themselves. Its not customary for an illustrator to give things away but It's something I do to "pay it forward" to the people I learned the techniques and the style from. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. sunnyday'> 10:08 AM

    Oic. So that's what vector means...

    Good attitude -- besides, such generosity is always bound to come back a hundredfold, and in ways that we don't expect.


  4. nerdluck'> 5:50 PM

    By definition, vector is an object defined by both magnitude and direction. It is basically a mathematical value of each line, point or color in an electronic illustration such as those featured in this blog.

    About the paying it forward... I already feel rewarded whenever my work is appreciated.


  5. g_mirage'> 5:03 AM

    hi! was backreading on your blog and stumbled on this. I like magazines about babies and I like sending photos to them hehe (Ive sent once to baby mag). Was just curious as to what the article actually is about. Are you the mag's illustrator? Cool! TC!


  6. nerdluck'> 9:35 AM

    Hello g_mirage! Thanks for dropping by.

    I am the layout artist by designation but I was just given the chance to contribute illustrations and photography since a few months back. About the article, It is aimed towards helping parents guide their kids in dealing with the loss of a loved one, human or otherwise. Death of someone dear is hard to accept especially for children who has yet to understand the concept of death and loss.

    If you are interested in back issues, contact baby magazine at 7283655


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