She cries but...

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She cries but...CRYING
CJ Heck
I cry when I am hurting
and sometimes when I'm sad.
I cry when I get punished
'cause I've done something bad...

Nobody bullies Dad... That is one lesson my little girl learned in an odd way. After quite a lengthy tantrum, I snapped a photo of my little girl and showed it to her. She was all smiles after that.

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  1. sunnyday'> 10:24 AM

    Kawawang bata... but she'll get over it (and she apparently has, based on what you wrote).

    A very recent post on my blog is somewhat related -- it's about the role of parents in their kids' life (one quoted blog post focuses more on dads). It's the post titled "Flea markets, boundaries and the daddy factor".


  2. ira'> 2:58 AM

    si vanna ba yun o si dharmma?? ganda ng kuha mo parang si judy ann lang... mukha syang promising dramatic child star.. sana lang wag sya tutulag kay lindsay lohan kung maging sikat na sya.. hahaha... mana kay tita zayin...


  3. nerdluck'> 5:38 PM

    I read that post... Go, Dad, GO!
    I hope i turn out to be that kind of dad who puts his foot down on certain issues.

    Hello Ira! How's San Diego? That's Nirvana. Dharmma was laughing the whole time this photo was being taken. By the way, Ill contact you one of these days... we got business to talk about;)


  4. sunnyday'> 5:55 PM

    Just remember that when children get what they need -- love, affection, attention -- from their family, they will not look for it elsewhere. And they will know that their parents are always looking after their (the children's) best interest.

    One of my kuyas knows how to do this disciplining thing in a good way, and we girls always listened to him. The one who refused to listen for some years...nagulo tuloy ang buhay in some ways but she's doing fine now =)


  5. ira'> 12:26 AM

    why dont you just email me at my email add... coz i dont go to this site very often.. i only got to read your blog at my hotmail account..

    San Diego's all good.. im going to san francisco later... road trip... got the chance to see the golden gate.. hahahaha...

    im looking forward to that business...


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