By the Sea

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After a stressful week, I figured a day by the sea will clear my head. Off we went to Manila Bay one Saturday afternoon to soak up some of the sea air... and a lovely shot. The sea lends me a moment of peace from the daily grind.

When I was a boy of seven years, My family took a trip to Bohol. I remember being afraid of the sea before the trip. Probably because the MV Doña Paz tragedy was big news back then. Or I probably watched a lot of Swiss Family Robinson... I don't really remember. I overcame my fear halfway through the trip and fell in love with the sunset and the sea that kisses it goodnight.

A high resolution copy of this photograph is available for FREE download at stock.xchange. and Picasa. I can also send it to you if you ask real nice.
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2 Response to 'By the Sea'
  1. Gcol'> 1:47 PM

    wow...this photo is magical!


  2. nerdluck'> 10:08 PM

    It sure is, Gcol... You should have seen it that day. Download the high resolution copy and zoom in at 100%... you can see there is a cross on top of the mountain.. at least, I think it's a cross :)

    Thanks for dropping by and come back every now and then. I try my best to keep the blog fresh. I'm also a regular visitor of your blog as I am a budding entrepreneur myself.


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