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I'm on a roll... It's a very rare situation indeed that I can blog for more than three consecutive days. I thought I was taking a break tonight but I decided to start something with todays blog. As a designer, I always appreciate the stuff that is available to me online. From tutorials to seminars, designer tools, stock photo resources, podcasts and designers blogs... I am really glad I know where to go whenever I need a little help.

One of the Designer resource I frequently visit is Stock.Xchng, the leading FREE stock photo site! I have been a member of stock.xchange for a few years now. I use the site to download high resolution images that I use mainly for comps. After downloading quite a number of stock photos, I have, since November 2006, started contributing some photos myself. Stock.Xchng maintains a level of quality that they screen every photo submission. Being a newbie photographer, I have only 4 approved images in my profile. (sigh) But that will change soon... I do believe I'm getting better at it. Besides they were downloaded over 300 times already.
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