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I am usually a three-font designer. Most of what I do uses either a type from the Helvetica or Garamond font families or a cursive script type font and I am happy about these type faces that I consider them the everlasting ones. There are some instances, though, that I think there is something missing in my visual equation that my usual font ingredients somehow lacks (gasp). On these instances I seek assistance from dafont.com.

From fonts adapted from pop culture like bands, TV shows and movies to iconic dingbats, dafont.com's database of around 7500 fonts are available for download. More fonts are added every week. You can also test drive any particular font you fancy with its custom preview feature. And the best part, It's FREE. Don't get me wrong though, with almost 7500 choices, nothing is going to take the place of my everlasting ones.
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    When I was in college the font I would most often use was ITC Officina Sans. It was my favorite font. But now I'm developing a strong fondness for Futura. :)


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