The Boys in (Sky) Blue...

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It started raining again and I just remembered something that I wanted to blog about when I was too busy to even read some of my favorite blogs. It was about a month ago when typhoons Dodong and Chedeng wreaked havoc on our city streets. Because I was living just a couple of city blocks away, I got to the office just before my walking route became submerged and rendered impassasble for small vehicles and foot traffic (unless you don't mind some weird skin allergies). I had to stay at the office until after 7PM to let the flood water subside so I can safely walk back home (without said allergies). I was cursing at the ever reliable (sarcasm alert in case it wasn't obvious) people at our government offices and their efficient response to emergency situations. I mean "Haven't we seen enough of these flash floods every year for us to be so ill prepared? It's already August for f***'s sake. We should have been ready since June." (pardon the swearing if you are reading this via feed, I forgot kids might be reading this... edited for propriety)

Anyway, as I was crossing Buendia Ave., I saw the man I should be screaming my filth on, the MMDA Chairman himself, Bayani Fernando with his trousers soaked in flood water, instructing his boys on what appears to be an excavation work to remedy the watery situation. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera on me to take a snap shot of the scene so I went back the next day to see how they were doing. I could have snapped more if they didn't start coming towards me and asked me where those photos are going to end up on. I could just grin idiotically and say that its purpose was personal. A month since and still no flood water on my intersection. I guess it is better late than never for these guys. Thanks Mr. BF for doing your job right. I'm sorry for the obscenities I uttered in solitude. At least you didn't have to paint my turf pink.
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