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Here's one tool I've been using for a while that needs special mentioning. When I first heard about, I thought it was a godsend. It was what I have been praying for since I first met the internet. Believe it or not, I used to type all my bookmarks in a text file that I save in an email I send to myself so I can access them anywhere. Something I find funny now that is around. As if having your bookmarks available to you from anywhere is not enough, introduces "social bookmarking" (I will not define what this means 'coz thats what wikipedia is for) making related information much more easier to access with more peers to share bookmarks with. Although far from being a "designers resource" I usually take advantage of the social bookmarking feature to stalk.. err... I mean follow up and research on graphic design trends or some other news bits that I can learn new things from. Now if there was something like this designed specially for creatives... share please... I'm reading: Del.icio.usTweet this!
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