Giving Up..

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I came across this video ad in the apple website a few months ago... I pondered about the charting method for a while and decided that It could be a good way to see how I've been living my life. To my horror, my charts show that I have too many unnecessary activities cluttering up my schedule that I have little, if any at all, work done. And by work I mean doing my commitments, fixing this blog, finishing my portfolio, and exploring talents that I have recently been given the opportunity to explore (e.g. photography.) Among other things. (Actual chart being processed.. watch this blog for updates)

I realized that 24 hours is not enough for me to do all the things I HAVE to do, let alone things that I wanna do. I have to give up
some of 'em. No, sleeping and eating is not dispensable.

Here is a list of things I have to rethink my involvement in... Warning, try them out on your own risk.

1. Youtube (and every other video sharing sites) - YouTube is THE popular video sha
ring website where users can upload, view, and share video clips. Videos can be rated, and the average rating and the number of times a video has been watched are both published. A year ago, I was sucked in on Youtube because of my search for "hard-to-find" anime, music videos and commercial spoofs. I was hooked since then. It is very convenient that Youtube had started pulling out Bleach episodes because of Dattebayo's complaints. It will make it much more easier for me to go cold turkey.

2. Monstersgame Server 2- This browser game pits vampi
res against werewolves in a global war. As one of the leaders of the vampire clan, [D] Deathbringers, I have the responsibility to organize my clansmates and help them through the different aspects of the game. Some members come from as far as Romania, USA, Germany and UK. It IS lots of fun as we interact with players from different culture and exchange ideas and opinions on things other than the game. It would be hard to give this up but I'll try.

3. Tantra Online - ABS-CBN Interactive jumped in face first in the rapidly growing online gaming industry with Tantra Online, A neo-oriental fantasy game. This Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) boasts of stunning graphics and dynamic game-play for the hard-core gamer. Using any of the eight character classes, Players are tasked to defend the world of tantra against the mara forces on the different quests. Rewards in the form of items or in-game currency are given for every quest completed. The player vs player (PvP) feature of Tantra is also something the developers are proud of. PvP enthusiasts gets a blast in Tantra's "God War" wherein players engage in battle defending their respective god's castle. It's a battle royale whenever the followers of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu come across each others path in Kruma. I have been playing this game for well over 2 years already and I must admit that I would still like to grind levels with the best of them but alas! Nothing is meant to last forever. My ghandharva is going to hibernate for the meantime but will probably be back in a time not in the immediate future. I made up my mind on this one.

4. Happy Tree Friends Podcast - Senseless violence (extremely bloody ones) even among cute woodland creatures is only fun on the first few episodes... It gets extremely gross after a while. This one wasn't for me in the first place.

Maybe I can give these things up... Maybe I can't... We'll see in the coming weeks.
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