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or alternate title could be "I'm mad at myself because it took me 6 months to put something in this damn blog..."

I started this blog almost a year ago to record my thoughts as it comes along... I hope this doesn't mean that I only had three (3) things to say since then. Now... what am I thinking about right now that made me pull out the notebook and "blog?" Is it about a life turning event? an epiphany? A scent that made childhood memories come rushing back? No!... I'm actually just thinking of myself. How's that for a thought?

I didn't find enough reason to tinker around with "blogging tools" or get myself a "real" blog site. I mean, all I wanted was something to remind myself of what I was, where I was and how I was feeling at a particular time. Heck, I don't even care if people read it or not. It's a trip down my thoughts and I prepared it all for myself. So, don't mind me... I'm just talking to myself.

Me: Hello Eman!
Myself: Hey, how've you been? It's been a while.
Me: I'm great... wish I had more time to blog, though
Myself: How come? you have time for lots of trivial things...
Me: Nah, You know how it is...
Myself: No, I don't.
Me: It's this blank page, It intimidates me... I know I want to put something in there.. You know I tried lots of times..
Myself: Uh huh..
Me: But most of the time, I feel that nothing I write is good enough.
Myself: Good enough for what? The Pulitzer Prize or The Palanca? Hahaha!
Me: Stop joking...
Myself: Sorry.
Me: Anyway, sometimes it all goes so bad. I just give up. I never have enough time to finish one.
Myself: You know? What you have is not a lack of time or good ideas but a lack of self-confidence. If you feel you wanted to write something then do it. You can only be as good as you believe you are. Be the best writer that you wanted to be..
Me: ...
Myself: what?
Me: Im not a writer. Im a graphic designer. I only wanted to do a blog.
Myself: ...
Me: ...
Myself:I'm actually at a loss for words whenever I talk to you. You know that?
Me: same here...

Watch out for more "blogs" from the shizoid mind of yours truly... that is, if the lazy bum part of me doesn't show its sleepy head anytime soon. (im talking to myself again) HAH!
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