A Brith and A Burial

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as usual this post is suuuuper late

September 11 goes down in history as the greatest terror attack launched against the US. 9/11, as it is called, will always be remembered as the day that set a chain of events leading to wars, death and devastation. I couldn't care less...

September 11 for me holds a deeper personal meaning. On September 11 of this year, our (my wife and I) lives were forever changed by two persons named Lucille. One Light was born that day, and the other was buried.

Marga Lucille is our 3rd baby... We now have 3 beautiful little girls and the twins are really thrilled and excited about her. She came at a time of radical changes in our lives, some of them good and some otherwise. Whenever I get overwhelmed by the rate of which things around me spin, I stop awhile and share in the peace of mind that my only my three daughters can give me. I no longer fear the future.

Ninang Lucy Caliwanagan sure was a light to us in more ways than one. She had a jolly disposition that could always brighten our day. No trip to the hometown will be complete without passing by Ninang Lucy's house... her dinner table to be exact. A teacher by profession, she was unassuming and never judgemental of our childish angst about our own families. Just being around her makes everything bearable. Now suddenly, we can no longer indulge in her infectious joy. It's time for us to grow up deal with our own relational dilemma's. One thing I will always keep is the memory of her sunny disposition.

Happiness is a choice I am now making for myself. Even the simplest things can be the greatest source of joy. I will be happy because I choose to be...

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