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My sickday turned out to be a sick week... a couple of weeks. Oh well, where was I? I was supposed to check back on the things I planned to give up. So far it's been a rough 2 months since i decided to put my dharmma into an indefinite hibernation. I found myself constantly battling the impulse to click that tantra icon on my desktop to focus on getting some work done. I gave my password to my 9 year old nephew, Francis, so he can use the level 2 accessories (plus asba and BOTGB) that I have painstakingly acquired through 2 years of playing. By now, I have gone past the strong impulse of ignoring 5 dozen pages of magazine layout to play tantra. I don't even feel the invisible force that used to make my behind so heavy that I can sit for hours on end (pun intended.) I play war rock (ahem, probably another distraction) once in a while to get me off the stressful cycle of work, art and family. Although I still encounter rude apes in war rock who can't seem to grasp the concept of playing for fun but I refuse to let that bother me as much as it did in Tantra. I even get some degree of satisfaction to get them as irate as ever.

I have involved myself more in photography, and silk screen as well as planning my portfolio site (at last.) I still have so much things I want to do now that I found the time to actually do them. I want to learn CSS coding (WTF?!) I want to learn video editing. I want to finish my bleach ebook project (i compile scanlated bleach manga to pdf for easy reading rather than open 1 page at a time, afterwards i want to start coloring them... shhhh.) I want to start a photo blog. I want to sell stuff in ebay. I probably want to do lots of other stuff as I go along this happy journey called life. It really IS more fun than playing.
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    stressful family life huh?!


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