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What is this thing right here? Are we on the right blog? There is a pretty good reason that photo is there... Yes, i took it. Is that so hard to believe. Digital Photography has been a new hobby of mine for a few months now but it is just recently that I stumbled into Picasa, which gives me a decent 1GB of space of photo gallery using the same email address I'm using for this blog. Now, I can get into a lengthy rave about how cool this thing is but that is not the issue in this post. Starting with this particular post, I will be showcasing some of the photos I have turned my "evil eye" on. Yep, starting with this one here. Here goes...

"Out my window" is a shot taken from what the name says... it's a view from where I spend the most of my waking days for the past year... The office. It's a view of the western Makati skyline on a most amazing sunset. It is actually the first shot I seriously put some effort on as it was a desperate race against the sun. It was the first time I used a DSLR camera and didn't bother to read the manual because I was hard-pressed to get that sun in my lens. I am pretty satisfied by the result and I was really motivated to get some shots I can be proud of. A high resolution copy of this photograph is available for FREE download at stock.xchange. and Picasa. I can also send it to you if you ask nicely.
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