July 2007 issue goes to press

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Catch the july 2007 issue of Baby Magazine as soon as it hits the stands on.... july, of course.

What's in this issue? Get tons of tips on caring for twins, telling them apart and keeping your sanity intact with the "I love twins" special. Learn the best things to do to keep your toddlers safe and what should be in your first aid kit to be prepared for the times your kids curiosity gets the best of them. Take a trip back on memory lane with fatherspeak where we look back at our memories with our dads as we make new memories with our kids. Get to know thespian, Nor Domingo and learn his brand of Involved fatherhood.

There is lots more to find in every issue of Baby Magazine for new parents because we all know "Babies don't come with a manual"
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  1. sunnyday
    http://nerdluck.blogspot.com/2007/06/baby-magazine-july-2007-issue-goes-to.html?showComment=1184074920000#c1945387006918469580'> 9:42 PM

    Now have you ever seen such an adorable baby? He looks so happy =)

    Great mag cover, too. And, it doesn't end on the cover; just today, a new mom said the magazine is so "full" -- so much to read and quite informative as well.

    Really can't wait for the next issue to come out =)


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