May you find peace

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Following up on the last post and in response to a call to prayer and sobriety by Ding of Inkblots and Sir Eric Isaac of Wish you were here, I looked up this picture I took last easter and offer it to the families of the Glorietta 2 blast a few days ago. I hope that our sympathy somehow helps you get through these hard times. Nothing is as painful as the premature loss of a loved one. May God guide you to accept the loss and grant you peace in your heart.
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3 Response to 'May you find peace'
  1. INKBLOTS'> 6:08 PM

    Thanks Nerdluck!
    God Bless!


  2. Anonymous'> 2:45 AM

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  3. Senor Enrique'> 1:56 PM

    The white flower against the grey backdrop is so soothing.

    Thanks for responding :)


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