Terror at the Homefront

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I thought I could keep myself from blogging about politics and religion. I swore to myself never to alienate or antagonize any of my readers by means of an irresponsible impulsive rant against anyone from another ideology so I elected to stay away from ANY discussion about gods and demons of both celestial and human government. But in light of the recent Glorietta 2 blast, I'll have to bend my stand a little on this one. Do take into consideration that this is more personal than political.

It has been three days since the tragedy. I was so stunned when I got a message about a blast in a mall at the CBD (Central Business District) of Makati. I never thought something like this could happen anywhere near where I live. I felt a chill in my spine when news came out that there is a possibility that the blast was a terrorist attack. "Not here!," I thought. "please, not here!" After the initial shock, I felt despair for the victims and their families. I felt that it could have been anyone I knew.. My family... friends... colleagues... this was a mall we would frequently hang out in. It was so close to home... so close to home. Anger found its way soon after. How can anyone JUSTIFY the taking of innocent people's lives? It was all so senseless. To die so senselessly... for something they did not have no clue about. I was gripped with fear, there is no assurance that my family can be safe anymore. I felt helpless.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I heard on the news that night. Sen. Trillanes boldly claimed that he has reasons to believe that the blast was a machination of our own military to divert public attention from the recent scandals the palace has gotten its sorry ass into. I hope he's got data to back this one up 'coz this is one helluva thing to say right after a tragedy of this magnitude. I have no love for the palace resident but I would be damned to accept that bullshit. It just stink so much of opportunism to say something like this. It is irresponsible for a man of his designation and stature. I also don't think the concerned people are going to let him off easily if he is mistaken. Unsolicited advice mister senator... you can learn so much from Senators Lacson and Cayetano's experience. Get your facts straight before making such statements. Present it to the media with verified data and nail them in the ass. Otherwise, shut up. The families of the victims will appreciate that very much.
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