It started with a joke

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A few months ago, a little joke was circulating in some of the circles I move around in. That my blog was becoming the official Baby Magazine Blog and that I am getting over exposed to a lot of "cutesy" stuff that it's effect was evident in the choice of colors my template had back then. (Those who had been reading me for more than a couple of months would remember the pink-blue-orange thing I had going then.) I laughed it off but secretly went looking around for a more "manly" template to counter all the "cutesy" vibe I had for quite some time. That doesn't mean I'll quit writing about my involvement with the Philippines' first parenting magazine (among other things). Quite the opposite since I now made it even easier for those who come here specifically for Babymag updates. The tab up there next to "home" is your new friend. Clicking the Baby Magazine tab will take you to all the entries in this blog concerning your favorite Magazine. Now isn't that claiming the title "Official Baby Magazine Blog"? No... I'm not getting paid for this gig. Nobody is...

Baby Magazine, the Philippines' first parenting magazine is now in its 12th year of service to Filipino parents. For subscription inquiries, you may contact Baby Magazine through the following:

Phone: (+63 2) 728.36.55
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3 Response to 'It started with a joke'
  1. g_mirage'> 5:33 PM

    I clearly remember the former look, was actually surprised with the new colors! =D


  2. g_mirage'> 7:14 AM

    Question: is there a new gimmick for mommies sa baby mag? I saw a post about a monthly themed contest...I don't know because I am not able to buy the mags, I only as my sister to buy me one if my kids appear in the gallery kasi and they were'nt published ng February...thanks for info!


  3. nerdluck'> 12:19 PM

    Aha! Yes there will be a monthly theme. It was announced on this months issue. More info on that and a sneak peek on what we have in store for the march issue in the next Baby Mag post. Subscribe to my blog via email and get the updates directly sent to your mailbox. just enter your email address at the end of the side column. :)


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