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The males of our species tend to use one side of the brain at a time because of the narrow connection between the two halves of our noodles. But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. There are fundamental reasons why we have to be that way. Although we could try to go against this naturally hard-wired quirk, it is basically uncharacteristic of males to be multi-taskers. I, myself can never have my attention divided between two things. For me, its this thing now and that thing later. Take for example my little corner of the cloud. There used to be a time when I can't keep away from it for more than a few hours just tinkering with the template and hunting for cool widgets. Then I realized I've started to miss out on the other things I love doing like shooting photos and reading books and spacing out when I'm deep in thought (ok, that one sounded weird.) I was thinking, "This isn't right. I've got to strike a balance somewhere...." I drafted a time table. Maybe if I made a schedule, I could cram everything in somehow. Boy! I was wrong. Instead of doing one thing right, I made a lot of things half-assed. I was writing so bad that I could never even post one decent blog entry for the whole month of January. I finished a book but I can't even remember anything I read. That is so messed up. This cannot go on. I resolve to stay the way I was before-when attempting to engage me in a conversation while spaced out on anything (blogging included) will prove to be an exercise in futility. Just expect more erratic blog entry schedules 'coz I'm a man. I can only do one thing at a time.

For more information about the difference between the sexes, read The Essential Difference: Men, Women and the Extreme Male Brain (Penguin Press Science), by Simon Baron-Cohen. Is he related to Sacha? I have no idea.
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  1. Tim Worstall'> 5:19 PM

    Ys, he is related to Sacha: first cousins.
    There's more on his theories here:
    Including and online (an Americanised) version of the tests in that book.


  2. nerdluck'> 4:24 PM

    Really! Cool... Thanks for clearing that up.


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