I, typographer too?

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I really think every designer should try their hand in type design at least once. What I mean is, what serious designer doesn't have a fascination for type? I just recently started dabbling in typographic design and was so eager to finish my first typeface so I decide to do a very simple one. So here is version 1 of MKF Tiler, my very first display typeface, now available for download here. (I hosted it in mediafire.com since dafont.com wont accept it... huhuhu) It has very few glyphs due to limited options in the design to keep with the original idea inspired by tiles. Nevertheless, I'm proud of my first typeface and I hope it finds it's way to many designs. Development is still on-going so please check back on this space for updates.

By the way, since this is a very simple one, I refuse to believe that nobody has thought of these glyphs before. If you ever know of other typeface with similar design, give me a heads up so I can give credit where it's due. Also, if you know of any sites where I can submit this typeface, I'd appreciate it if you can help me spread the love by giving me the URL. Thanks and enjoy MKF Tiler.
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