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Found an interesting video of The Wizard of Oz today at imeem while looking for a playlist of the 2001:A Space Odyssey soundtrack. Everyone knows that Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon synchs with The Wizard of Oz but few really had the chance to see/hear it for themselves--at least very few of my friends did so here it is and enjoy all 101 minutes.

Richard Wright, keyboard player and founding member of Pink Floyd has gone to "the great gig in the sky" last 15 September he died of cancer at the age of 65. He was attributed to be the influence for the band's distinct sound.
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2 Response to 'Nice find at imeem'
  1. honeymanzano'> 4:03 PM

    Hi Emman, tired viewing this but doesn't play...


  2. nerdluck'> 7:25 PM

    It takes quite some time to load up... you can also go straight to to see the video. Just look for "pink floyd vs oz." It can get creepy at some parts but its way too cool to miss. Gotta watch again.


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