The juggernaut jeepney

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"The juggernaut jeepney" is an individual assignment on motion with panning from the first week of the Basic Photography Workshop at the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF). It was raining for the most part of the week and it was difficult to find an opportunity to shoot. It was cloudy and all so I figured I have to compensate by bumping up the exposure. WRONG!!! The hood got blown-out and the image is generally over exposed but you have to admit I got that panning right... patience is a virtue, after all. This must have been the 20th jeepney I shot. I'm reading: The juggernaut jeepneyTweet this!
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  1. Senor Enrique'> 3:14 PM

    Nice! I have got to practice my panning shots!

    Have fun at FPPF!


  2. sunnyday'> 10:48 PM

    I'll post this on my blog ha =)


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