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Not one to be put down easily by one bad opinion, I decided to channel my attention (and frustration) on to something useful... making my own shirt. I've wanted to do one shirt featuring my little corner of the cloud for half a year now. But it always stuck in the back of my mind that it would seen kinda vain. And when I somehow got myself to work on it, I would be my own worst client and criticize everything. Believe me, I'm a bitch of a customer when I do something for myself (probably the reason why I can't seem to get anything done for myself.) This time, however, everything seemed calm. I found myself getting rid of everything unnecessary in the design and came down with only the bare essentials. There were no kicking and screaming arguments. There were no battles in my mind. It was so refreshingly simple and I don't care if it looks overly simplistic. It's a simple solution and it makes me happy. Isn't that how design is supposed to be

Anyway, Ill probably wait till the holidays are over before printing the shirt... Going to DV to buy supplies right now is suicide...
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