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I am a big fan of free stuff. Especially if its really good free stuff. I have already featured some in past entries and I wanted to kick myself for not posting this gem sooner. Jodie Coston's lessons over at is the perfect starter guide to newbie digital photographers. As a "newb" myself, who didn't even know what aperture means. I found Coston's lessons to be novice friendly and considerate of her readers skill level, practically breaking down each "Photographese" term into plain old English. The assignments at the end of each lesson also challenges the reader/student into applying her lessons in real world settings. There is also a discussion for each lessons. Even though this had been online three years ago, there are still a lot of new readers/students who discuss the lessons and critique each others assignments. Perfect for the budding digital photographer... at least for the cheap ones like me. Seriously, you can use this as a crash course and then pursue more serious training through real seminar workshops. More of that in the coming weeks. Now, if only i could find my assignment photos when I tried Jodie's lessons last year... I'm reading: Jodie Coston's lessonsTweet this!
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