Strange role models

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This illustration was used as main visual for an article for the November 2007 issue of Baby magazine titled "The shortened childhood: Kids and the media" written by Joyce Marion Petiza. The article generally talks about how mass media is making "little customers" of our children by introducing diluted mature ideas into advertising and program content.

The illustration was something I had in my mind for over a decade ever since I became aware of the debate whether fashion dolls (or supermodel icons) have anything to do with teenage girls starving themselves to death. Do not get me wrong, Although I believe there is an indirect connection, the parents are primarily responsible for their children's choice of role models. It is because they are not around that poor substitutes are favored by their kids. As parents we can only blame ourselves first before pointing our fingers on the convenient scapegoat. But that is just my opinion.

An editable copy of this illustration is available for FREE... BUT! only if you are subscribed via email, that is, and remember to ask nicely and since I was so busy (read lazy) to post this last month, you can now just probably get a copy of the November issue by calling the Baby magazine office at (+63 2) 728.36.55 and ask for that issue. I think there's a couple more lying around under the ED's table.
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