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Ever since Baby magazine started seeing print in 1996, the Baby Gallery section has always been the first pages readers look into. Especially if they sent photos of their little angels over to be published in said pages. Some parents send photos of their kids religiously every month that we could probably put together a photo album of their kids. Unfortunately, we can only handle so many. There are loads coming in every month that we wish there could be more pages to showcase the lovely tots.

This January, we are giving the gallery a makeover (being the first need not mean looking like the oldest) and instead of the usual 3 to 5 pages of over the top cuteness, we are giving you SEVEN (7) pages, yes! seven whole pages. That means more pictures, more chances of their babies getting printed in the country's first magazine for parenting. Happy days for the Stage Moms and Dads and I meant that in a good way. I love my job, especially in times like these.
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  1. g_mirage'> 10:39 PM

    too bad, I read this so late na, but I've told other stage moms about it! Thanks for info! We readers would really be happy! =)


  2. stef'> 12:44 AM

    Great news at the start of the year! Thanks to g_mirage for the link and thanks to you too, this news has added hope for us stagemoms..hehe! Thanks for the effort and more power to BABY Mag!


  3. g_mirage'> 9:02 PM

    Hi uli! Thanks again for your heads up! I just wanted to let you know that my kids were actually included in the gallery lol.

    They're Daniel and Alexie.



  4. nerdluck'> 3:24 PM

    Hey!StageMoms! Thanks for dropping by. We have just wrapped up our Feb issue and I know you'd be happy to know that there will also be 7 pages devoted to our readers' baby pictures next month. Happy happy joy joy!!! :)


  5. g_mirage'> 6:32 PM

    Thanks for info! Yeey! I might send in again, pero i think tapos na ang layout? =D Thanks!


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